Campus cards do more and need to be smarter doing it

University & Colleges

Campus cards are required to do more and more. . .and need to be smarter doing it.  They’re multi-functional cards doing everything from unlocking doors, checking out books from the library, to buying dinner.

Your multi-function photo ID badge may need to communicate with multiple systems.  ID CardSolutions can help you design and write custom applications to help your systems work together.

Your photo ID badge may get used over and over everyday. Can it with stand the usage?  No card is indestructible, but ID CardSolutions can help create the best and most durable card available for your environment. Just give us a call.

Protecting the credentials in your card is important.  The smarter the card, the more personalized information it carries and the more susceptible it is to fraud.  Ask us how you can reduce your risk.