Fargo Printers Innovative Designs with Genuine HID Technology


From a small plug-and-play printer to a robust high-definition printer with holographic laminate for security, Fargo® printers offer innovative designs with many field-upgradable modules that allow your printer functions to change and grow as your needs grow.  Printers offer Genuine HID™ technology and are Energy Star certified with SmartScreen™ graphical display.

Sleek user-friendly design
Fargo DTC1000The DTC1000 provides maximum efficiency and is virtually maintenance free, printing full color plastic ID and technology cards.  The printer has Swift ID: a built-in badging application software enables you to create ID badges without installing any additional software.
Flexible footprint & design
Fargo DTC4000Combining versatility with simplicity, the DTC4000 offers medium-sized companies and organizations a convenient, professional and secure printer/encoder system.  Fully compatible with Asure ID card personalization software and the industry’s first inline card printing and technology card encoding with one connection.
Designed for high volumes
Fargo DTC4500Empowered by an extremely robust and highly-reliable print engine, the DTC4500 delivers high-volume printing with speed, power and versatility rolled into one.  Dual input card hoppers coupled with dual-sided lamination allow for easy management of multiple card types and enhanced card security and durability.
Print Vibrant, High Definition Cards
Fargo®’s HDP5000 printer offers high-quality over the edge printing without the high price tag.  The HDP5000 prints a reverse image on HDP film, and then fuses it to the card surface so you don’t compromise image quality even on the uneven surface of technology cards.  Add holographic over-laminate to increase security on your card. This printer will laminate both sides simultaneously in one efficient pass.Fargo HDP5000 Dual Sided Lamination
Fargo® Ribbons, Laminates and Printer Supplies
Select from a wide variety of ribbon configurations to fit your printing needs.  Fargo® offers easy-loading, all-in-one print ribbons and card cleaning cartridges to simplify the ribbon and cleaning roller loading process.  For large volumes they offer high-capacity ribbons to reduce user intervention and printer downtime, increasing productivity.