Datacard broad portfolio of printers backed by 40 years of experience


Datacard® offers the broadest range of products in the industry.  No other manufacturer offers a wider range of fully-integrated printer solutions.  Coupled with their heritage of customer success, they remain the industry’s best selling brand card printers.

As easy as 1‑2‑3!
123 Easy ID System includes printer, software and cameraSmaller organizations can implement ID security at a price that’s within reach with Datacard’s® 1‑2‑3 Easy ID card system.  They have done the legwork for you.  The 1‑2‑3 Easy ID card system includes: a proven printer, software, and supplies. . .everything you need in one box and is completely integrated!
New Look of Leadership
Datacard SD260The SD260 (one-sided printing) and the SD360 (two-sided printing) are packed with industry-leading innovations.  Both printers are equipped with TrueMatch printing technology, print faster than any other desktop printer in their class, and have intuitive icons that guide you through the soft-touch control panel and LCD screen.
Transforming secure identification
Datacard SP75PlusDatacard’s® SP75 Plus is engineered to produce highly secure IDs.  It enables you to protect people, facilities and critical assets by fast issuance of: contactless smart cards, Proximity and iCLASS cards by HID and ISO magnetic stripes.  The SP75 Plus delivers consistency and reliability that colleges and large organizations need to maximize card quality and efficiency.
New innovation providing one of-a-kind security
Datacard SD460If you are looking to reach the next level in security to safeguard your people, premises and critical assets, then look at Datacard’s SD460. Prevent card alteration and counterfeiting with the tactile impression feature, by leaving an impression on the card you can see and feel. Choose from a set of standard designs or create a custom one, elevating your security. The printer features dual laminators along with various encoding features from magnetic stripes to smart chips.
Superior image quality at an affordable price
Datacard SR200Need high resolution and over the edge printing?  Then the SR200/SR300 might be the printers you are looking for.  Retransfer printing delivers vivid results on a variety of card materials.  These printers are easy to operate, have color-coded ribbon cartridges and a display panel provides timely status information to the user.
Datacard® Ribbons, Laminates and Printer Supplies
Datacard YMCKT Print RibbonDatacard® Certified Supplies use exclusive Intelligent Supplies Technology to communicate directly with Datacard® systems.  This patented radio frequency delivers: reduced costs, optimized performance, improved productivity and increased operational efficiency. . .contact us today to order your Datacard® Certified Supplies!