Donor cards to ID Badges call ID CardSolutions


Plastic cards are used in a wide variety of applications in the healthcare industry from organ donor cards to access control. . .look to ID CardSolutions for all your plastic card needs.

  • Employee Badges – Verify your patients and employees by providing Photo ID badges to your all of your employees.  Include their name, employee number, position and areas of access.  Let ID CardSolutions help you design a color coding system for quick identification of personnel.
  • Organ Donor Cards – Most drivers’ license programs provide some way to identify drivers who wish to be an organ donor, but it doesn’t always give enough information.  Contact ID CardSolutions to help you design a card and a reliable donor system that’s easy to implement.
  • Emergency Cards – Offer your members state-of-the art member cards that contain their pertinent medical information to improve treatment. . .especially during an emergency!  Information to include name, date of birth, blood type, medications, allergies, to name a few.
  • Access Control Cards – ID CardSolutions understands access control is a vital part of your facilities’ security system.  We have solutions whether you are using mag stripe, proximity, iClass technology or a combination of the three.  Contact us today!